The Hundred Lies of Lizzie Lovett – ARC Review

best-actress-nominee-the-preacherCopy received via Netgalley for an honest review.

*disclaimer: gushing and ranting and CAPITAL LETTERS coming your way.

*edit: wordpress just wiped this post clean. I am so pissed rn.



So where do I begin? I HAVE SO MUCH LOVE FOR THIS BOOK AND THE MAIN CHARACTER AND EVERYTH-AAAAAAAAH! Okay,okay we’ve got that covered now.
The Hundred Lies of Lizzie Lovett is more than just a lost person mystery. Personally, I thought that it was only a ruse, a clever mask to hide what it really meant to deliver – a different view of the world from the eyes of the downright weird. Hawthorn is a very unique character who is complex and intelligent without being too “wise” for her age (*cough cough*John Green). She is funny and relatable, sarcastic and sooo imaginative, I found myself actually believing her crazy theories about the missing person in the book. She goes from a person who can’t accept the world for what it is – a world that refuses to believe in werewolves – to a person who knows what the world has in store for her, and yet, chooses to believe that there is more to it anyway. Her interactions with the other characters were realistic, some actually took different turns than was expected, which was still a good thing.

As for the plot, there wasn’t really much of it. Basically, a person goes missing, Hawthorn hates that person but then sets out to find her, she immerses herself in that person’s life, meets his boyfriend, (view spoiler), stuff happen, then finds her. I couldn’t figure out if I was disappointed with myself or the book, because at some point I was trying my best to not rush towards the ending and find out where tf that missing person is and whether or not she really is a werewolf. It was such a shame really but it’s understandable that the novel is mostly introspective, but the beginning was so promising, my fingers were itching to JUST. FIND. OUT. Of course, the ending was satisfying and I wiped a couple of tears off my face. It was bittersweet and I wished it never ended. Hawthorn’s voice was just so interesting I wanted to stay inside her head a while longer. Over all, I highly recommend this to all of you lovely people.

Brothers can be zombies. Hippies can be cool. Teenage girls can be werewolves. Anything is possible.


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Rating: 4.5 stars



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  1. I love this graphic idea!! I loathe taking photos with my tablet as the feature but sometimes I have no choice. I may check this site out for future use- unless that infringes too much on your territory 🙂 I read this book as well, by the way and enjoyed it too. My review is scheduled to post in a week or so.

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