The Voices of Martyrs – A Must Read

It all came down to the story we lived by. If the metaphor of that story could be changed, the individual could be changed.

Announcement: The world needs to read this book immediately.

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The Voices of Martyrs is an a collection of stories voiced by the “martyrs” of African culture. These impressive, yet brief, short stories span entire generations from the distant past in their home continent, to the vast reaches of outer space. Broaddus’ ability to switch between different voices and genres is astounding. Every story was unique, real, and overwhelmingly heartbreaking. It tackled the many hardships undergone by the African people, and showcased their – and basically every other marginalized culture – eternal struggle to keep themselves afloat in the world and era they lived in while trying to remember their true selves. The prose is beautiful and real and sharp – it didn’t shy away from the harsher aspects of the story but instead highlighted them. There is power in the words and in the stories, and even though they’re fiction, it might as well be true. The Voices of Martyrs doesn’t just shed light on the darkness, it battles it too.

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That is all I can say about this book because I would like you guys to see for yourselves that there is a deep-rooted, ugly, and unrelenting problem in our society, from then until now, that needs to be solved. We can’t just cure this by reading books of course, but by reading, I believe that we may be able to understand and change our perception of the world and heal what needs to be healed.

The Jinni commands that you to buy it here: Book Depository

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Rating: 5 stars



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