The Golem and the Jinni – A Review in Quotes

Copyright. The Bookish Jinni. 2017

I’ve had such great feedback with my site lately and I just want you to know that it is much appreciated. Months ago, I would have laughed at the idea of me blogging because, you know, I am one hell of an introvert.

But here I am, and I will be sharing with you guys the book that inspired this whole endeavor. I hope you’ll like it too.


by Helene Wecker

I trust you above all others”, he told her. “Above myself”. She shook her head, but then leaned into him, as though taking shelter. He drew her close, the crown of her head beneath his cheek. Beyond the hansom’s window, New York was an endless rhythm of walls and windows and doors, darkened alleys, flashes of sunlight. he thought, if he could pick a moment to be taken into the flask, a moment to live in endlessly, perhaps he would choose this one: the passing city, and the woman at his side.


“You’re not human. You’re made of earth.”

“And you’re made of fire.”

not all those who wander are lost

These were the world’s first people. Everything they did, every action and decision, was entirely new, without precedent. They had no larger society to turn to, no examples of how to behave. They only had the Almighty to tell them right from wrong. And like all children, if His commands ran counter to their desires, sometimes they chose not to listen.

“It would be easier at first. But then you might hurt each other to gain your wishes, and grow afraid of each other, and still go on wanting.”

He stared down at the narrow streets and saw that this city was also a labyrinth.“What is someone had seen-”“The risk was worth it.”“To gain what- A few moments_ time-”“A reminder that I_m still alive.” (1)

And like all labyrinths, it hid something precious at its heart.

What did it hide?

A voiceless voice whispered the answer.

Life unending.





He stared up into the sky beyond the parlor window. The vivid blueness stretched so high that is seemed to draw him up inside it, pure and wide and all-encompassing.

aIf“So, it’s just stories now. And perhaps the humans did create their God.

But that does that make him less real?

Take this arch. They created it.

Now it exists.

“What is someone had seen-”“The risk was worth it.”“To gain what- A few moments_ time-”“A reminder that I_m still alive.”

He was infinite, he was the universe, there was nothing that he did not encompass.

Rating: The Universe ♦♦♦♦♦



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