Hype Busters: Bustin’ the life out of those overhyped books (not really) – A Darker Shade of Magic Edition

It’s bustin’ time!

A Darker Shade of Magic by V.E. Schwab



Kell wore a very peculiar coat.


You guys, I am so sorry but I am going to sound like such a spoil-sport and let the cat out of the bag immediately. I thought ADSOM was as boring as gloomy, old, magic-less Grey London. I felt not a single shred of excitement when I read this book. Nothing jumped out at me and piqued my interest, nope. I did not care one bit about the fact that Kell had a very peculiar coat (it must have been very hard to wash), nor the magic system, the multiple Londons, and Lila Bard who everyone absolutely adores.

There must be something seriously wrong with my brain or V.E. Schwab and I just don’t see eye to eye because I also didn’t enjoy This Savage Song when I read it last year, I think? The characters themselves failed to make me care for them and I felt no sense of danger whatsoever when everything went horribly wrong because of that stone. I saw pictures of cardboard standees of the characters by VE Schwab on IG, and ironically, that’s what they felt like to me. Flat and weightless. It was so sad because I really wanted to jump aboard the hype train and love this book but instead I felt like I was watching a cheap cartoon or anime where I was treated to cliché villains and boring dialogue. The Dane twins weren’t  even very villainous to me.

Oh, and let’s talk about pirates, shall we? I thought that there were going to be swashbuckling rogues battling it out on the high seas but instead I get poor, desperate Delila Bard who only approaches the water at the very end of the book. I was promised pirates and I got none. This is my fault anyway because I let my expectations soar to really great heights only to be let down hard. And I was on my way to ordering the whole series too! Of course I’d still continue reading this series but only in ebook form because I wouldn’t want to waste my money on this. I really, really do hope that I would see this series on a completely different light soon. Again, I apologize but this is what we do, give honest reviews, right?

Kell had a very peculiar coat, but he is still busted.

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Rating: 3 stars

♦  ♦  ♦



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